The Small Business PR Academy

Become a star without a trip to the casting couch!

No matter what industry you’re in, the right media mentions, in the right place and the right time can help you…

  • Get new customers fast!
  • Multiply sales within days (even if you have a non-existent marketing budget)!
  • Generate online buzz and third-party credibility your competitors can’t touch!
  • Stop wasting money on services, products and more that don’t get results!

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Here’s why this is the most important information you will read right now!

As a fellow entrepreneur who built a business with my own blood, sweat, tears, and money, I’m about to tell you a truth about getting media attention that the marketing and PR agencies out there don’t want you to know.

This simple, but very important insight, will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of work hours… while giving you peace of mind as your business thrives.

The truth is…

Your customers are more likely to buy products and services via referral. They may…​

  • Read an article in their newspaper about a local business helping others.
  • See an interesting news story on television.
  • Listen to a radio interview while driving to work.
  • Hear about a fantastic product or service via word-of-mouth… and more.

This is third-party credibility you simply can’t buy with advertising, marketing or any other way.

And this is what public relations is… getting your message out to the right people through the right media venues at the right time.

Sure. You can pay big bucks for media placements, but I don’t know many entrepreneurs who can afford the thousands of dollars it takes to “Pay-to-Play.”

And the truth is… you don’t need to pay for media coverage. If you know how to get positive attention the right way, it’s FREE.

That’s right. You can become a media star… without spending a cent!

More than likely, you wear many hats at your business… your days are filled with tight deadlines, budget issues, customer-service stress, employee hassles, and much more.

You barely have time to focus on your core responsibilities. The last thing you want to do is add one more task to your To Do List so your PR efforts just fade away.

But, did you know that…

Public relations can be your secret weapon to demolish the competition.

When done correctly, you can experience a massive boost in sales and positive awareness… overnight.

Think about it. How would this change your business and life?

How would it feel to…

  • Pay off your bills?
  • Spend money as needed on things that are important to you?
  • Enjoy more time with friends and family doing everything you love?
  • Be healthier, happier and free from worry?

Public relations can also help you stop a small problem from escalating into a crisis situation that can cost you thousands of dollars and hours… and even bankrupt your business.

After all… 

  • Do you know what to avoid saying the next time reporters call you… at all cost?
  • Do your employees know what to do if there is a crisis and reporters call right now?
  • Do you know what to wear to project the right image at your next interview?

There are just a few of the simple questions you need to be able to answer…

A good media interview can mean a huge influx of sales, celebrity your competitors can’t touch and ongoing attention that can grow your business fast. But…

If you don’t know what to say or do, a bad interview can immediately halt sales, cause potential lawsuits, ruin your reputation, lead to bankruptcy, and worse!

As someone who has been doing public relations for over twenty years. I’ve personally experienced what it can do for your overall success.

With just a few calls and PR skills, my sales doubled in a matter of months, great customers approached me to work with them (Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, celebrities, etc.), I was able to hire assistants to help me do the administrative tasks I didn’t want to do, and best of all, I could spend time pursuing all of my favorite activities outside of the office.

PR works. And it’s great for entrepreneurs who are just starting out with very little funds (or no budget at all)!

The sad news is that I’ve had hundreds of small business owners come to me over the years after they were ripped off by large firms and various services with big promises.

Unfortunately, these entrepreneurs spent thousands of dollars with zero results. All they gained was a bad taste in their mouth for PR.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s why I decided to take action!

Introducing the breakthrough program that’s going to have the entire PR industry upset with me…

The Small Business PR Academy

As a small business owner, there is something the big PR agencies don’t want you to know…

Media members want to talk to you over a publicist… and they will.

After all, you have the most passion about your business and can provide all of the facts and personal insights they need… immediately.

You don’t need a publicist.

But, you do need the time and skills necessary to take advantage of everything public relations has to offer.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I get it. You don’t have any extra time or money to make PR happen for your growing business… until now.

Here’s your solution…

Train an intern, administrative assistant or another team member how to do PR for your business!

With The Small Business PR Academy, you or your team members can learn all of the skills necessary to get you the media attention, third-party credibility, online awareness, and more you can ONLY get from public relations.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll discover in this new program:

  • The top 12 subjects and tactics necessary for your PR success to boost sales, awareness and credibility.
    You’ll learn what’s really important to get positive media attention for your business in 12 simple Modules that include videos, workbooks, special insights, and more!
  • How to find and communicate with the right media members at the right time.
    You’ll get insights on the reporters you need to reach, how to talk to them, the latest contact updates, and more! 
  • The key secrets to control media interviews for the best results possible.
    Learn how to make a good impression that lasts, get your message across and feel comfortable every time you talk to reporters! 
  • The complete, step-by-step process to create positive buzz using all types of content, social media, and more.
    The big firms out there don’t want you to have this information! 
  • What not to say or do (at all cost) during media interviews.
    This is must-have information to avoid issues and make a good impression. 
  • Things you don’t know that could cost you thousands in a crisis!
    Find out if your business is really ready for the inevitable…

Are you ready to find out these secrets that can take your business to the next level? 

It’s not rocket science.

I’ve made it really simple so that anyone can easily learn all of the tactics, tips and insights to handle your PR activities for you!

  • You will get the inside secrets from decades of public relations experience. Again, this is information the big, PR firms do not want you to know!

After writing three books on public relations, working with hundreds of small business owners, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, and celebrities, and gaining thousands of dollars in media coverage for them, I know what it takes be successful with PR!

“Because of the feature story in Diesel Progress that Melanie Rembrandt got for us, our company saw an immediate increase in sales and over $94,000 worth of new orders.”

Peter Tuckerman, President, Emissions Retrofit Group, Sacramento, CA

“With her media and communication expertise, Melanie Rembrandt helped us squelch online rumors from developing into a major problem within days. After assessing the situation, creating a personal letter, teaching our team about social media, and securing two feature stories on the front page of the local paper, Melanie helped us turn a potential situation that could have impacted revenue into positive results with great publicity and increased public awareness.”

Neal Belitsky, American Roads CEO

“In a matter of days, Melanie Rembrandt was able to get our specific, technology message out to a new audience. What sets her apart is her ability to use her SEO copywriting and communication expertise on behalf of technology for the Rich Dad brand, AND clearly define the process along the way. The technology and marketing teams at Rich Dad have new insight on professional communication thanks to Melanie.”

Mare Van Dyke, The Rich Dad Company, Past Director of Marketing and Product Integration

“After reading Melanie Rembrandt’s book ‘Simple Publicity’, I was hungry for more of her content and ‘secrets’ of public relations. It was a no-brainer to then sign up for her Small Business PR Academy, and I’m so glad I did. As someone new to Public Relations, the course was well designed and easy to understand. I especially loved all the supporting documents in each module. If you are new to Public Relations or just need a refresher, I highly recommend this course!”

Mr. Ashley D. Thompson, VP & CFO, Healthy Workforce Institute®,

  • You will know what you need to do to get media coverage immediately without wasting time, money or other resources.

    Why wait? You can obtain media attention today if you know the simple steps to take now! (I’m not kidding.)
  • You will be able to learn the information in a matter of hours… or whatever is best for your schedule.

    The easy-to-learn information is available online 24/7 so you can access it when it’s convenient for you… at your own pace.
  • You will get your questions answered now… and in the future.

    The media world is constantly changing, and you need to be aware of updates for the best results. The Small Business Academy is here for you with the latest information!

I’ve heard the worst…

Small business owners who lost thousands using a big PR firm with zero results.

Little problems escalating into huge, crisis situations due to bad communication.

Credibility gone overnight by giving a wrong fact and spinning the truth.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Now, you have help. The Small Business PR Academy was created for you, my fellow entrepreneurs.

You will get the inside details you need to use the power of PR to your advantage!

The Small Business PR Academy exposes all of the PR “secrets” that others do not want you to know, especially your competition!

Now, you can always hire a big agency to help you, but will you waste time, energy, money and other resources that you don’t have to spare?

Will you really know what you’re getting for the money, or are you taking a huge risk if things don’t work out?

Do you know who will be helping you, what their expertise and experience is and if you can contact them when it truly matters?

Another option is to do nothing with your PR efforts and watch the competition steal your customers away while your sales plummet or…

You can take action now and get all of the media attention your small business can handle to catapult sales and authority fast!

Imagine how much your business (and your personal life) can benefit from all of the additional income, free time and more that successful, PR efforts bring? Just a few weeks from now, you can experience a completely different life!

Plus, your competition won’t know what hit them! What will they think when:

  • You have a feature story on a media venue your target market watches.
  • New customers flock to buy your products and services first.
  • You’re on vacation while they’re stuck at the office on the weekend.
  • You attract the best and brightest team members.
  • You are happy and healthy, free of stress and more!

This is a no brainer.

Your competition won’t know what hit them!

But, before you move forward, know that The Small Business Academy is not for everyone.

This is not for small business owners who don’t like to learn.

If you think learning about PR, and using media interviews to gain positive attention and authority is not important to you, this is not the group for you.

This is not for you if you like to waste time and money on risky services with big promises.

There are many public relations firms, services, marketing agencies and more out there who make big promises. But, what really happens once you hand over your hard-earned cash? Do you maintain any control over the results, or will you hear crickets while you watch your money go down the drain?

This is not for you if you don’t want to deal with a rush of new sales and customers.

The right media interview at the right time and place can take your products and services from unknowns to “must haves” overnight. If you aren’t ready for a flush of new customers right away, this group is not for you.

This is not for you if you don’t want an edge over the competition.

In order to stand out from others, potential customers need to see why you are special, why they should buy from you and what you will give them that no one else will. If you don’t want to learn how to get your message out in the best way possible for maximum authority and results to crush your competition, this group isn’t for you.

Now, if you want to see sales, positive awareness and credibility for your business INCREASE LIKE NEVER BEFORE, then being a member of The Small Business Academy is an essential part of your success.

The average rate to hire a good PR firm can go anywhere from $5,000.00 to $20,000.00 and beyond… per month. And you need to commit to a yearly contract. And this fee usually doesn’t include press release distribution fees, image fees, link fees, and more!

Do you have that kind of money to spend?

As an entrepreneur with a small business… probably not. That’s why The Small Business PR Academy costs a small fraction of what it costs to hire an agency!

  • You have complete control.
  • You get the information you need to make positive changes happen.
  • You can hand the membership over to someone else on your team to manage, and then simply stand back and watch the sales come in!

All it takes is learning the simple steps found in The Small Business PR Academy, applying the information and staying up-to-date on the latest media insights.

Seriously, how much longer are you going to be stressed out about sales growth, bills, competitors, and more?

The Small Business PR Academy can take your business to the next level with a boost of awareness and authority.

After all, most people are more likely to purchase products and services from a business leader who has a positive feature story in a key media venue… or at least check out what they have to offer for the future.

Get ready for more success!

The Small Business PR Academy was made with you in mind. Join today, and you’ll have access to:

  • Easy, simple-to-understand modules with videos, tip sheets and more!
  • A massive library of hundreds of original articles packed with unique insights on copywriting, sales, talking to the media, search engine optimization… the list goes on!
  • Short and podcasts and videos with tips you can use in your business within 10 minutes!
  • And so much more to help you succeed as quickly and easily as possible!

Don’t be one of the small business owners who gets ripped off or smoked by the competition who uses public relations to steal customers. Instead, get the simple steps, updates and information you need to gain awareness in the media and watch your authority and sales grow!

All the best, and I hope to see you at The Small Business PR Academy!

Melanie Rembrandt

P.S. Imagine your sales and positive-word-of-mouth skyrocketing overnight. By using public relations to get your message out to the right media venues at the right time, it’s possible. And with The Small Business PR Academy, you can experience this success without wasting thousands of dollars or hours on a PR agency. It’s fun, simple and you can even turn it over to one of your employees to manage. Take action now, and you could be part of the elite group of entrepreneurs who knows these secrets and are thrilled with the results.

P.P.S. What will you do when your competitors get media attention and you don’t? One feature story can steal your customers and authority in minutes. It’s urgent that you stand out and get the media coverage your business needs to grow. Join the exclusive group of smart entrepreneurs in The Small Business PR Academy today, and get a competitive advantage today!